1.5 months
CI & CD, Release Management, DevOps

CI and CD pipelines for a leading e-commerce company to support SAAS and enterprise releases

The customer wanted to build a release management pipeline that allowed them to test, build, and deploy their solution as a white-labelled offering to their customers. They also wanted the pipeline to support enterprise deployments of specific versions, these were deployed on premise or as an independent cloud deployment. Enterprise customers could request for features to either be built or added to a version they purchased.
Github Actions
Shell Script
AWS Cloud Formation
AWS Route 53
AWS Cloud Front
AWS Elastic Cache


  • SAAS as well as enterprise releases had to managed separately.
  • Manual creation of resources and infrastructure had to be replaced with automation.
  • Each release had to pass a test suite and meet a test coverage threshold.


  • Wednesday setup a team comprising of two software engineers.
  • Multiple pipelines were built to cater to the SAAS and enterprise releases.
  • Deployment pipelines were created for mobile, web, and cloud infrastructure.
  • The customer could deploy the SAAS solution to multiple targets on a merge to master.
  • New customers could be onboarded without having to worry about the technical overhead of provisioning infrastructure.

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