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We account for your data privacy, costs, and the result you want to see. We specialize in fine-tuning pre-trained models like GPT-3, BERT, and GAN architectures for your business objectives - this involves using techniques such as Bayesian Optimization and Grid Search. Vector embeddings are another area where we excel. We employ word embeddings like Word2Vec, GloVe, and transformers to capture semantic relationships and improve accuracy for text-based data generation. Work with Wednesday if you're looking for a team that can build data-centric AI applications that give your business an edge.

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A good house needs a solid foundation, product development follows the same principles. Unlike other professions where you can touch and feel their creation, software lives on servers, and it's tough to understand whether it's written well - maintainable, scalable, resilient, and fault-tolerant.

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Sandeep Sood
CEO, Kunai
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Studies outlining strategy, learnings, system architecture, and outcome from the products our team has delivered.
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