Wednesday started with two engineers and their love for building software.
We set out to be partners with ambitious entrepreneurs building products for the world. We realized that building for the world required two things -
Understanding People
It requires recognizing and understanding differences along the dimensions of gender, sexual orientation, race, beliefs, and other ideologies. These differences have an impact on product adoption, retention, and growth.
Forward-thinking engineering team
The best products are a result of several micro-decisions made by the people building them. These decisions are made such that they allow the business to experiment, iterate, & release fast.
Our team is diverse. Each coming from a different background and beliefs. We think of product development & design as a craft. We love to learn new ways of improving our craft - be it learning new frameworks, or adding new specialties.

We are

Wednesday, and

this is our purpose

We are


and this is our purpose

Our Vision
Product innovation through development & design.
Our Mission
Fight normalcy and transform a group of people into a team.

Values we abide by

We go the extra mile

We want to deliver state-of-the-art digital products to our customers. Whether it is design, engineering, or project management, we want to go the extra mile.

We are Responsible

We want everyone to do the right thing. Not because you were told to do it, but simply because that's what we should be doing in the first place.

We are always learning

The digital world changes very fast. When we started the company, we were in the midst of a mobile revolution. Now, it's Data and AI. from then to now, this trend of change has and will continue, and we will always be ready.

We communicate openly

Each individual has a unique set of beliefs, views, and aspirations. In these differences lies the essence of building a product that truly caters to us all.
Everyone voices their opinions, agrees or disagrees. We do not believe in holding back.

We are selfless

Any product is a series of decisions that require us to set aside our personal biases. We do the right thing for Wednesday, our customers, and their users, and not what’s right for us individually.

The Wednesday Playbook
The Wednesday playbook showcases the policies we follow and how we practice our craft - engineering, design, and project management. We want to build an inclusive, open, and transparent culture. The playbook is an effort in that direction.

The Wednesday Playbook

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