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Created deep technical expertise developing native android and iOS applications.

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With Ember, Angular, and React in our arsenal we built large enterprise web applications.

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DevOps and Backend

We built and deployed cost effective and scalable applications serving billions of requests per day.

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We orchestrated cloud services using technologies like Serverless and AWS amplify.

What We Will Never Do

Many people talk about what they do; while that is all great, we want to be upfront about what we will never do.


Give Excuses

Point Fingers

Work On Weekends

Set Unattainable Timelines

What Sets Us Apart

We have been obsessed with being different than the most. We are always pushing beyond comfort our comfort zone and bring value to our work.

Ten+ Open Source Projects

We believe in power of community and one of the ways to grow a community is by building technologies that others can use.

Published 4 Books

With our vast experience, we have learned quite a few tricks. We wanted to publish our learnings and knowledge with others so they can learn from our experience.
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