We work as a part of your team
More than relevant experience with technology what matters is the ability to own features, understand business use-cases and prioritise. Our engineers not only have years of experience with the tech frameworks you use we but our experience of repeatedly building large enterprise solutions helps us be flexible to adjust to your process.
Experience matters
Our diverse team of engineers, designers and project managers have built complex products across the web, mobile and watch interfaces. We've designed APIs that are used by some of the largest payment networks, entertainment companies and e-commerce players. We come to the table with years of experience building these products.
Reduce cost of hiring
Wednesday engages in both short term as well as long terms staff augmentation contracts. Having a senior engineer, designer or project manager as a part of your team can reduce the cost of hiring. With our experience we can streamline product development into a factory like process allowing you to time to hire or train any candidate.
Schedule a meeting with Wednesday. Tell us about your product development journey and let's figure out a way to work together.
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