Facts not Assumptions
Design should meet the needs of each user. We use assumptions to build designs but validate them by user research, building small prototypes, A/B tests to find the right interaction and visuals to grow your business.
Design Language
Designing a user interface is more than creating illustrations and visuals. Our designers create a visual language that includes type, color, and a suite of elements that users will interact with on devices of all screensizes.
Motion & micro-interactions
A well designed product will wow the customer in each interaction. We think about each interaction and finetune the micro-interaction using motion to ensure the least friction. We think about interactions in terms of ease of use, number of clicks/taps, and ensure we meet them along with providing an experience that dazzle.
Conversational Design
With a wide influx of data, digital products are getting more intelligent and users expect the same out of your product. Mediums like voice are now the center stage for user interaction. Our team specializes in creating conversational design systems that can understand user intent and respond intelligently.
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