To build software that stands the test of time a set process which details everything right down to how a project is organized is required. We've invested time and effort in creating a Playbook ( that outlines the conventions we follow to build readable, reliable, and maintainable solutions.

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight

The tech world has an unprecedented pace of change. Digital products need to evolve. Our team is always learning so your business doesn't lose any opportunities. We suggest the relevant frameworks and invest in the right technologies so you don't miss business opportunities.

Test Driven Development

Tests are central to our delivery strategy. We tailor-make unit, integration, acceptance, and performance test suites. This ensures quality and allows you to build new features deterministically.

Peer Reviews

Two is better than one. Each feature is peer-reviewed and we encourage discussions. This ensures the best architecture and conventions are used.

DevOps & Code Quality

We've adopted the DevOps movement. Each push goes through a pipeline i.e. lint, build, and test followed by a peer review. Similar to a factory our pipeline ensures that each line of code adheres to a standard, ready to be deployed.

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