Publishing, Subscription, Encryption

Subscription platform for a leading market research publishing group

The customer wanted to build a subscription platform. Users could subscribe to different market research reports. The reports can be viewed via the web application and apple newsstand. Security was the top most priority as login credentials, and reports could not be shared.
1.5 months
Server Side Encryption
Apple SDK
AWS Fargate
Github Actions


  • Data needed to be securely stored using both server side and client side encryption.
  • The web application had to allow logins only from a specific location per credential and multiple logins were not allowed per credential.
  • Updated reports needed to be pushed and be available via the apple newsstand application.


  • Wednesday setup a team comprising of two software engineer, a project manager, and a designer.
  • The team leveraged existing modules already built by Wednesday for user authentication, encryption, and CI & CD which allowed for a quick turnaround.
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