Meal-Prep, Logistics, Fullstack

Full Stack Product Development for a leading Meal Plan company

The customer wanted to build a suite of products that would help them manage their business processes efficiently. This included a portal that would be used by the administrative team to manage customers, meal plan subscriptions, grievances and reporting. A kitchen portal to help chefs prepare meals as per each customer's specification and taste. A logistics app used to monitor the delivery of the meal. A customer facing mobile and web application that allows managing subscriptions, meals plans, and payments.
React Native
AWS AppSync
AWS Lamda
AWS CloudWatch
AWS Cognito


  • Customers could sign up for a custom meal plan where they could specify how they wanted each recipe to be prepared. They could swap out ingredients or replace them.
  • Customers could pause meal plans which would adjust their billing cycle.
  • Administrators should be able to generate dynamic reports that would outline business performance.
  • The customer could interact with a bot for grievance redressal. The bot would allow manual intervention by an agent if required.
System Architecture diagram of a platform for a leading meal plan company


Wednesday setup a team of engineers and designers to work with the customer to build the suite of products. An agile approach was followed during the course of the project.

  • Design was done in an iterative manner where we sought early feedback. Multiple revisions were done to finalise the design for each application.
  • AWS Appsync: An AWS managed service was used to build a GraphQL compliant API. This allowed the frontend to query only what it needed and created a spec that allowed the frontend to work parallelly with the backend.
  • A CI pipeline was setup using Github actions and AWS amplify was used for continuous deployment.
  • React and React Native were used to build the web portals and mobile applications.
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