OCR, Fullstack, Machine Learning

A GST invoice financing platform for SMEs and MSMEs

The customer wanted to build a first of its kind invoice financing platform for SMEs and MSMEs. Users could register with their GST details and share invoices that have been approved for income tax credit to lenders and other marketplaces. User's past financial information would be collected by integrating with account aggregators with the user's consent. Users could view loan offers from multiple lenders and select the one that is most apt.
3 months
AWS Fargate
Github Actions
WhatsApp API


  • Multiple credit rating API has to be integrated, each exposing a different API interface.
  • The application had to be developed in record time and had to be launched in under 3 months.
System architecture diagram of a GST invoice financing platform for SMEs and MSMEs


  • Wednesday setup a team comprising of a senior software engineer and a designer. The team took the idea from start to finish in 90 days.
  • The team understood the API interface for all external services and built a system that could easily be configured to include more API from lenders and account aggregators.
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